Monday, December 10, 2012

Family and Friends,
this week was a tough one with appointments falling through and lots of fruitless efforts searching old investigators. We prayed for a miracle all week, and when Sunday came,  8  less active families attended and 5 investigators, between the two areas, and the chapel was filled, it was very spiritual and we found a man named Richard Painter, was an old reference had never taught because he was never there for the appointments but Sunday we called him and he attended church, and the choir activity with his wife that evening. He is really excited!He will be a new member soon I think. T´was a perfect way to end the week. and the mission. Love you all! see you friday!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello Everybody,
This week we found lots of people to teach, we´re strating to see the fruits of our labors AT LAST!!! but nobody came top church for problems such as work complications, familiy violence, and sicknesses. such as phantom limbs hurting... yeah it was a good week overall, i feel great and laugh when people make dead man jokes, cause they really are kinda funny but i sometimes feel that they are making them to someone else cause i feel that i will always be Elder Allen.... i´ll have a harsh reality check in about 12 days I believe. I had to explain how to prepare for a mission using my own expiriences and i realized i have been prepared for the last 21 years to be such..... wow.... thats about it though, dont judge my spelling as there isnt an english spell check on a spanish computer so EVERY SINGLE WORD HAS A NICE RED LINE UNDER IT lol love you all!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

hey yall,

so this week was a long one where we had lots to do with little time to do it. we are struggling to find new investigators, we finally get used to something then we our hands tied even more and more which is normal and just another trial, but one ting that is very common here in monterrey is that the man doesnt get home untill 9 at night... daily, but now we have the same rule as Elder Dillon Allen we have to have a thrid person with us to visit the single sisters or sisters that happen to be all by themselves. this has cut all key indicators in half or more. also things are hot then cold all the time! the weather cant make up its mind!! i am all sorts of excited with the new activities we are trying out with the memebers so that they can get even more involved in the work of the lord. it would appear that it is working, we contacted several refferals this week and next week we have appointments with them, although it was rather indirect i hope we can have success in this way. i am working hard to leave the area better than i found it cause itll be horrible for the new elder that gets here if there isnt anything! just kickin it here in the sticks! love you all! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey peeps,
so this week it was cold rainy, muddy and awesome, one i havent seen the sun in a week :) 2 we found new people to teach which is something we struggle with here in this area. i am sick of dead man jokes and practically pass out at night. its never been so hard to get up at six thirty. i included a photo of the bucket brigade, as the drain in the baptismal font doesnt work well.... we haul it out in buckets and throw it anywhere there is a drain elsewhere, toilets, sinks, castodian drainage etc.... it took us half an hour which is really good cause with only 2 of us it takes like an hour and a half. sorry its short this week but i dont have alot of time sorry! Love you all!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey everyone,
Sorry the letter is SUPER short this week cause i have been not only been fighting with the PCs i have been on but i am fixing stuff up for school, which takes up time, unfortunately. This week we did lots of stuff, Laid cement, we are now professional cooks. race runners and lesson teachers. it was a slow week but i did enjoy the work we did. everyone keeps telling me i smell dead(trunky). but they tell me to keep working because at least i dont look like it still. i included a pic of the cement laying crew, we tore it up cuttin weeds with machetes and shovels, leveling out the members back yard and laying the cement patio. sorry its short and all but g2g sorry all.
with love,

Monday, November 5, 2012

So i thought last week was bad. the few investigators we had left abandoned us this week. we have to start from scratch.. again. transfers left my district exactly the same. nothing really new though. the only plus is one of out baptismal dates transformed into a new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. :) He was the only member of his family that wasnty member. hes 10 years old and never wanted to be baptised until now. we passed by the first time and asked him if he knew who God was, he said no. we asked him if he knew wh yit was necessary to be baptised, he said no. and as he suffers from what appears to be ADD or ADHD we had to explain to him step by step and without ANY distractions, which means every lesson in the chapel. we explain that only baptised people can get into heaven and he suddenly changed his mind and decided to get baptised... :) someone had to just come out and say it so he could get it. we had to get the new flu immunization this week as i am old in the mission the one i got 2 years ago is underdated.... nthis week the 2 soccer teams from monterrey played easchother. so friday was a dud day, meaning NOBODY wanted anything to do with missionaries. its the one time of the year that the streets are practically empty. more so than Christmas etc...... anyway love you all have a great week!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello family and friends,
This week was a slow one, there was literally nobody in our area this week, who knows where everyone can go but we literally passed by house after house, Active members, less-actives, investigators, ancient investigators etc and nobody was there it almost appeared a conspiracy! oh and if people would like souvenirs from Mexico please tell me asap, cause it live on the outskirts of Monterrey, the edge of my area is the desert.... so i will have to look long and hard on p-days to find foreign objects. Mom, still working on the dress sorry its taking so long but Mormon standard time in Mexico is ALWAYS off schedule.
Cool experience: this week we participated in a confernce with brother Robert Swanson from the mission board. he taught us in porta-spanglish..... he speaks fluent english and portegess but cant tell you what time it is in spanish. interestly enough portegese is very similar to spanish and with a bit of help from the gift of tongues we could understand the guy, it was like listening to spanish with a french-italian accent... very interesting. As we all know i am not a man of many words when it comes to emailing so i will leave it at that. Love you all!!!